Gut Health - Day 5

Wednesday, August 26th

Day 5 centers around the command center of our bodies - our gut.  We learn the importance of feeding our bodies good foods so that we can fight off infection, have proper organ function and live longer. Finish the day with Vibrant Lung Strengthening with Your Energy Expert.

Dr Mehta Pic_0.jpg

Dr. Niraj Mehta presents: How to Improve Your Gut Biome with a Plant-based Diet - Understanding the microbiome and the importance of its vitality to good health.  We will also concentrate on things that can both help and harm our microbiome's normal function.


PCRM-certified nutritionist Karoline Mueller presents:  Let's Get Saucy - Sauces & Dressings to the Rescue - Let's get saucy - Sauces and dressings to the rescue. Whole-foods plant-based food prep calls for no oil. How to do sauces and dressings? I'll demonstrate a basic tomato sauce, cheese sauce, and dressing that come together quickly and make whole grains, legumes, and vegetables shine.

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Join Anita Amit as she guides you through healthy choices in your kitchen.


Laura Christine Sainz will be Your Energy Expert and presents: Vibrant Lung Strengthening Class