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Marci Lock

Marci Lock

What you are most likely wanting to know is who is this chick really? Has she really been there, done that, does she truly have the results, and does she “Get it” and can she really guide others to the results as well?


What if you knew I experienced almost every deep trauma, programming of abuse,
suffering, sacrifice, lack, scarcity, hiding, fear, rejection and unworthiness you can

On my journey, I got to heal and come to peace with ALL areas of life, including
relationships, love, freedom, health and body alignment, self-worth, receiving of money,
pleasure, play, bliss, support, radical self-acceptance and of others, full expression and
safety in being seen, heard, taking up space and choosing the life that is perfect for me,
and much, much, much, much, more. 

Something I have preached for years is that “RESULTS DON’T LIE” because what you have and
are experiencing is a clear reflection of what you are committed to. Anyone can speak a big
game and post pretty pictures, yet for years I have coached the coaches, the high level leaders,
corporations and some of the biggest businesses in the world along with anyone and everyone
in my programs that are truly seeking their freedom and a life they love. 


I have the results I do because I truly lived the path of immense struggle, suffering, trauma, pain and deep limiting programs, beliefs, environments and conditioning that most people can’t believe because it is so much.

From my level of success and the results I’ve created in every area of my life, so many people
ask and want to hear the depths of my story, background of experiences, and what I truly came
from. To read a more in depth account of my story and learn more about my journey to
Bliss, Flow Consciousness and a life of Abundance and Liberation, watch the
documentary about my life.

Brittney Carmichael

I’m Brittney Carmichael and my mission is to inspire women to become their most badass authentic self.

I’m here to remind you that confidence is a choice. 

To empower you to embrace your flaws and overcome your fears. 

To inspire you to love, to create, to be wild and free. 

To encourage you to trust the whispers of your soul and boldly follow your dreams. 

To show you how to be the boss of your own life.

Because YOU are meant to SHINE!

Matt Silvio

Matt is a father, husband, and a type 1 diabetic, plant-based endurance athlete who has utilized a whole foods, plant-based (WFPB) diet to not only successfully manage his chronic illness but also to excel in ultra-endurance sports.


Since becoming plant-based, he has competed in marathons, Ultras (50k), triathlons including a full IronMan distance, and recently participated in the World’s Toughest Mudder, which is a 24-hour obstacle race.


He has lived with type 1 diabetes for 20 years and a WFPB diet has allowed him to better his health and performance.


Matt Silvio
Instagram @ironmans_and_insulin

Brianna Silvio


Mom to two plant based kids, Brianna has been a nationally licensed fitness instructor for 13 years. Specializing in functional fitness, pre & postpartum, aerobic training, kickboxing,  & cycle, she enjoys teaching all formats in North Texas. She is a Texas teacher with certifications in physical education, dance education, & early childhood education- sixth grade with a Master’s degree in mathematics education and curriculum. Owning and operating an online & in person fitness and beauty business is a creative hobby that has given her the privilege of connecting with people on many levels. Her biggest hope and something she continues to tell her students and fitness clients, “this is it. Feel that air in your lungs, you’re here and you have purpose. Leave the earth better than you found it, always dig deep and push further, & remember no one defines you.”

Laura Christine Sainz

Laura Christine Sainz is the CEO & Founder of Live Vegan Vibrantly, a transformational and healthy lifestyle coaching company that provides integrative medicinal practices and holistic services to teach, train, educate, and empower individuals to successfully thrive on a healthy whole-food, plant-based lifestyle while living meaningful, passionate lives.

As a master health and transformational lifestyle expert, world traveler, and educator, Laura works with top leaders in her field, inspiring individuals to take their lives to the next level to optimal health and healing, while living the life of their dreams.

Her unique approach combines mindset, emotional intelligence and psychology training, integrative medicinal practices, macrobiotics, whole-food, plant-based nutrition, raw cuisine, yoga, self love and holistic practices.


Laura is a Certified High Performance Coaching, Level II Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, has a BA in Psychology and Spanish Literature from Arizona State University, and is a Certified Integrative Medicinal Cooking Instructor from the University of California San Diego.


Ellen Jaffe Jones

Ellen Jaffe Jones is the author of 6 vegan books including Eat Vegan on $4 a Day, Vegan Sex, and Vegan Fitness for Mortals. She is a former 2-time Emmy winning TV investigative reporter turned nationally ranked sprint athlete.
She’s placed in 165 5K (3.1 miles) or longer races for her age group since 2006 “just” on plants. She is 3rd in the US 4x100 meters, 5th in the 800 and 7th in the 1500 and 400 meters. She is also 1st in her age group in all 6 Florida track events from the 50 to 1500 meters. 


Ellen's mom, aunt and both sisters had breast cancer. Her family was part of the original BRCA1/2 breast cancer gene studies. Ellen was the only adult female without it. She almost died of a colon blockage at 28 and avoided a hysterectomy going plant-based.


She’s a certified Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) personal trainer and Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) running coach.


Her own coaching program, Fitness Without Tears, helps those seeking gym culture alternatives to find a sustainable, positive, goal-appropriate fitness program while finishing without injury for the long-term. 


Her record for plank holding is 10 minutes at the Tampa Bay Vegfest in '17. 


Josh LaJaunie

Josh LaJaunie is an unabashed WhoDat and plant based running advocate. 

He grew up in Thibodaux, Louisiana where they proudly "live to eat!," Sadly, though, heart disease is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths per year in Louisiana, and, he now realizes that as a 400-pound 30-year-old, he was well on his way to a probable similar fate at a fairly young age. 


However, in the past few years he has lost over 200lbs and turned the tide on his health trajectory. Now, he spends most of his waking moments pounding the drum of plants and running as a way to achieve a natural, non-diseased, authentic human existence; and swinging a giant sledge hammer at the current health/nutrition paradigms. 

Granted, he may be a layman, but he is also the product of his own primary research. So, just hear him out. Peace.

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Jacque Tarlton & 

Marzia Prince

Commit to Fit
Although you cannot out exercise a bad diet, physical fitness is one of the six pillars of lifestyle medicine. Join the Plant Chics in Commit to be Fit where you will learn the components to fitness and how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Shay Bareni

Athlete, Olympic Hopeful High Jumper

Shahaf (Shay) Bareni first discovered her love of high jump as a 13-year-old living in the Golan Heights region of Israel. It was the kind of love that required an inordinate amount of dedication, particularly for an athlete in her early teens — each day, she traveled to Jerusalem to train, completing her homework on the three-hour bus ride there and back.

Then, at 18, she was drafted into the military. During her two years as part of the Israel Defense Forces, Bareni continued to train, spending three hours practicing high jump each day before returning to the base. 


She came to the US by way of a scholarship to University of North Texas and set the UNT high jump record with 1.83 meters at the 2012-13 NCAA Championship.  She is currently training for the Israeli Olympic High Jump Team

Shay's philosophy:  the belief that if you work hard — if you really want something — you can make it come true. How hard do you want this? Are you willing to give up because something is blocking your route? Find another way. That’s the journey of my life. You have to make it happen. Believe in yourself and stick to the plan.

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