Your CBD Store

Matt Ireland, Owner
Your CBD Store Southlake opened in November of 2019.
Our franchise is the largest brick and mortar CBD retailer in the country with over 500 stores nationally. 
My wife’s parents initially introduced us to CBD.  Her mother has Parkinson’s and she was seeing a reduction in her tremors when she used CBD, along with her diet.  Her father had severe arthritis in his hands and neck, from decades of roofing houses, and using CBD was giving him remarkable results.  He called us to brag one day about how many of his friends he had introduced to it and how they were finding new energy and range of motion. 
Five years ago, my wife, Katherine Lawrence, and I opened a nutrition and cooking business in Southlake, called Food Saved Me.  Katherine is a nutritionist and has taught over 8,000 students how to prevent disease through diet in our office.  She teaches classes on cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes prevention that are free to the community. So, as we started learning more about CBD, we realized that it aligned with our mission of helping people find natural remedies, when possible. 
Upon Katherine’s further research from the National Institutes of Health, and other resources, we learned that there are also specific foods which can inhibit or boost the same endocannabinoid system that CBD works with.  Something that will separate our store from others is that Katherine will be teaching cooking and nutrition classes there on how to make your CBD more effective.  
2 things separate Your CBD Store Southlake from others:  1) Quality and 2) Service
Quality– since CBD is not regulated, it is estimated that 70% of the CBD products sold to customers doesn’t match what is on the label to what is in the bottle.  
Our products go through third party lab tests to ensure label accuracy.  At any time, you can scan the QR code on the bottle and see the lab tests and how much of each ingredient is in that specific batch.
Most companies only give you one lab report and you would have no idea if your product came from that lab report because they are doing the minimum which is providing one report. Does it make it less effective? No, but that is why I love our product. The transparency of our company gives the community a product they can trust.
Your CBD Store Southlake products are organic, from the seed to the bottle. And our processing using Super Critical CO2 extraction which is a more expensive process - however you get a higher quality extraction.  Cheaper methods use various alcohol solvent extraction which can compromise the quality of the product and depending on the solvent used could be harmful. 
ServiceYour CBD Store Southlake has two unique programs that cannot be found anywhere else.  First, both my wife and I are U.S. Air Force veterans and after hearing how so many of our fellow service members were experiencing relief from PTSD using CBD, we knew we had to make it more widely available.  
Your CBD Store Southlake offers all DFW veterans FREE CBD for one year. It’s an easy program that they can sign up for in the office.  We have a mission to be a brand that the veteran community can turn to and trust. 
Also, we offer free cooking classes on foods that boost the Endocannabinoid system… essentially, which foods can we eat that can elevate the benefit received from taking CBD. 
In all, we want our CBD products to be more widely available and to be more effective for people in Southlake.