Reclaim Your Health - Part II - Day 7

Friday, August 28th

On Day 7 we continue our exploration of how to reclaim your health through the foods you eat. By bringing your vessels, tendons and skin back to health through plant based nutrition and being inspired by stories of overcoming challenges and more. All of this wrapped in a nice bow by Brooke Ali & Dr. T.


Join Dr. Rizwan Bukhari as he presents: How Your Nutrition Affects Your Cardiovascular Health

Jimmy Headshot.jpg

Dr. Jimmy Conway will present: The Hidden Connection: Tendon Health -  explore the connection between diet and tendon health and learn how all diseases, not just heart disease, are tied to what we eat and they work biologically through the same pathways.


Join pathologist Dr. Renata Joffe as she discusses the ways food can be either beneficial or damaging to your skin health.


Forks Over Knives Chef Del Sroufe will show you how to Transform Your Kitchen into a Health Promoting Machine


PCRM Certified Nutritionist Leslie Harrison presents:  Stocking Your Kitchen for Plant-based Success & Kitchen Power Tools - Having a well stocked kitchen is the key to success for creating delicious and healthy plant based meals. Making sure that you have the basics on hand at all times ensures seamless preparation of weeknight meals and even spontaneous creations. This presentation is particularly helpful to those new to plant based cooking as we will discuss the "must have" items to stock in your kitchen for fabulously easy dishes.

Josh LaJaunie is one of your Energy Experts for today.  Hear his inspiring story from his bookYour Sick to Fit Roadmap


Laura Christine Sainz is one of your Energy Experts for today and presents: Relaxing & Rejuvenating Yoga Class