Reclaim Your Health - Part I - Day 2

Sunday, August 23rd

Day 2 of the Summit brings us the leading experts in cancer & diabetes plus Chef Kimberly Campbell shares her healthy approach to delicious food along with PCRM-certified nutritionist Tiffany Wilkerson.  Ellen Jaffe Jones is Your Energy Expert on Vegan Sex.  Finish the day with a breakdown of what we learned with Brooke Ali & Dr. T.


Dr. Kristi Funk presents:  Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer:  It's Up to YOU.  Breast cancer is one of the most feared diseases in the world. But did you know that only 5-10 percent of all breast cancer comes from an inherited gene mutation? That’s right. Up to 90 percent of cancer results from the dietary and lifestyle choices we make every single day — not genetics. Dr. Kristi Funk, noted breast cancer surgeon and women’s health warrior at, dispels common misconceptions about breast cancer and presents evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle secrets to living your healthiest life. 

01 - Credit Steve Shapiro, CommercialIma

Founder of the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Neal Barnard, presents the groundbreaking:  The New Nutritional Approach to Type 2 Diabetes


Dr. Linda Carney presents:  Cancer & Food: Risks Reviewed - Let us count the many ways that foods from animals increase our risk for numerous cancers. Bring your questions, as an award-winning MD, host of the popular website, reveals valuable secrets about lowering your risks. Learn how TMAO, heterocyclic amines, PAH’s, saturated fats, AGE’s, and sulfur-containing amino acids, along with the exciting science of epigenetics all reveal how you too, can outrun your genetic risks for cancer by using food as medicine.


Kimberly Pearce Campbell presents:  PlantPure Kitchen's Easy Breakfast Potato Casserole.  Join PlantPure Kitchen's Kim Campbell in making this easy breakfast casserole is sure to impress the morning guests! It's the perfect comfort food that is so simple to assemble with layers of hashbrowns, a decadent plant-based cheese sauce, and fresh vegetables. A breakfast winner for any time of day!


Tiffany Wilkerson presents: Plant-Based Inspired Foods From Around the World. On the menu for today includes  Mango Fried Rice, Southwest Taco Stuffed Bell Peppers, Homemade Hummus and Mediterranean Buddha Bowl. Yum!


Ellen Jaffe Jones is Your Energy Expert.  She presents:  Feeling Fit (and Great Sex) at Any Age on a Vegan Diet


Brianna Silvio is  Your Energy Expert and presents: Fitness for Your Health