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Lisa Manchee is the CEO of Plant Based Grocery


An ethical vegan for over 7 years, Lisa has a passion for inspiring others to make better choices with what they eat because of a desire to be healthier, minimize their environmental impact, or are looking to show compassion for the animals.


A native of Georgia, Lisa has called Texas home for the last 11 years, and lives in Frisco with her husband, two active kiddos, and two over-sized rescue dogs.  She also has a passion for fitness and active living.  Leading by example, Lisa’s family has also made the transition to being vegan.  Her family values knowing where our food has come from, being more mindful about our health, the planet, and all living things.


Through Lisa’s vision and leadership, Plant Based Grocery has evolved and expanded its product offerings.   You can order online at where we can ship anywhere in the US.

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Whether you're looking to make better choices with what you eat because you want to be healthier, want to minimize your environmental impact, or are looking to show some compassion for the animals -- Plant Based Grocery is here for you! Plant based living has been our way of life for years. There are so many reasons to put more plants on your plate! 

Since 2015, the goal of Plant Based Grocery has been to provide specially curated plant based grocery items to our local community here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  When you shop with us, you can find a wide variety of unique, plant based foods.  We carry everything from jerky, cheese crackers, candies, chocolate, supplements, chips, and so much more - all 100% vegan!  We hope all our foods will help you discover something new and delicious.

You can order directly from our website at, where we can ship directly anywhere in the US.



Watch the segment NBC DFW ran in August 2018 about vegan options and featured Plant Based Grocery (between 1:03 and 2:35)


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