Love Your World - Day 4

Tuesday, August 25th

Love Your World is the topic for our presentations today.  Talks involve how we nourish ourselves with Victoria Moran and our world with Sierra Club volunteer Steve Smith.  Join plant-based duo Pat & Dianne Doyle  in cooking up some delicious dishes.  Your Energy Expert for today is Matt Silva.  As always, we end the day with words from Brooke Ali & Dr. T in "It's a Wrap".

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Main Street Vegan's Victoria Moran will present:  When I'm 64: The Lifestyle Formula for Slow-Motion Aging - We live in a culture of youth, and it's widely believed that a sad, slow decline is inevitable as we age. This does NOT have to be your story. In this upbeat presentation, learn the truth about the passage of time and Victoria Moran's sought-after MEND Program -- Meditation, Exercise, Nourishment, and Detoxification -- to meet your 60s, 70s and beyond in good health and good spirits.


Join Sierra Club's Steve Smith in: Sustainable Diets: How our Food Choices Impact Our Environment.  Come learn what the latest science says about how our food choices impact the planet and how we can make better choices for our health and the planet.

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Join Dr. Milton Mills in: Burning Down the House & Putting Out the Flames: How Diet Can Cure Cancer


Join plant-based duo Pat & Dianne Doyle as they present:  Weekly Prep for Plant-Based Success

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Join Marc Ramirez of Chickpea & Bean for A Message of Home

Matt Silva  will be Your Energy Expert as he presents: Diabetes & Training for a Race