Graciela Soto & Adriana Soto-Vazquez

Adriana Soto photo.png
Rellenas Vegan Cuisine

Rellenas Vegan Cuisine began as a labor of love. Our mother, Graciela noticed that my sister, Susana and I were becoming more mindful about the food on our plates. She began to create plant-based recipes inspired by our traditional everyday dishes such as, soups, salads, and stews. The recipes were so tasty that they have carried us throughout our plant-based food journeys. Over two and a half years of thinking I decided to make Rellenas available to the public, so on September of 2019 we began to serve our food at the White Rock Farmers Market.

Our goal is to show that Mexican Food is more than what we know as Texans. Traditional dishes and flavors vary by region and state in Mexico, our focus is Duranguense styled cuisine. Durango, Mexico is well known for their mezcal, chile based stews and wide selection of fruits. Our indigenous and Spanish roots have so much more to offer and we hope our small business can serve not only as a bridge to aid people towards a more plant-based diet, but also to expand their palettes and knowledge of flavors.