Good Earth Vegan Cheese

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Angilee Wilkerson

CEO & Cheesemaker

Good Earth Vegan Cheese



Vegan from the heart, natural from the start.


Experience the smooth and tangy taste of our hand-crafted, creamy, cultured seed and nut vegan cheeses. Rich in healthy probiotics, our cheeses are an excellent source of Calcium, Vitamin E, Monounsaturated Fats & Proteins. Created with high quality cashews and almonds, they contain no gluten, no lactose, no animal products, no peanuts, and nothing artificial.

Good Earth Cheese is hand-crafted from non-GMO seeds and nuts and cultured to perfection to create delicious plant based hard cheeses and creamy spreads with the depth and sharpness found in fine traditional dairy cheeses. Locally made in Denton, Texas and aged in small batches.


  • Plant based / vegan

  • Raw

  • Probiotic

  • Seasoned with organic ingredients

  • GMO, Gluten and Dairy free

  • Mostly soy free

  • Hand crafted in small batches & locally produced

  • 100% natural ingredients






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Jana Perez

COO & Creative

Good Earth Vegan Cheese

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Cheese board featuring

Herb Garden & Chedda' Vegan Cheeses 

Mini-rounds & wedges of Herb Garden, Chili Cranberry, Tuscany & Miso flavors

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Delicious Herb Garden

Vegan Cheese wedges

Steamed veggies & pasta topped with Good Earth

Vegan Parm Crumble