Goat's Revolt

All roads lead her here…..
From early in her life Michele was aware of the connection between our food and both our personal health and that of our environment
Maintaining a healthy vegetarian lifestyle for some 25+ years , it wasn’t until she eliminated the cheese and eggs from her diet almost 10 years ago that she really noticed a significant shift in her health and wellbeing. She experienced amazingly sound
sleep, abundant creativity, weight loss, flexibility and mental clarity.
Harnessing her new found energy she channeled it into studies at Rouxbe Cooking School and earned her Plant-based Professional Certification. While studying about vegan and nut based cheeses from one of the world’s leading Vegan Chefs and educators Chad Sarno, she founded her company The Goat’s Revolt.
She finds great joy in her work, her dedication and love of the vegan cheese movement has allowed her to be a top of mind local Texas brand, and is recognised as a local resource and pioneer in the vegan cheese movement.