Gabrielle Reyes

One Great Vegan, Actress, Singer

I'm Gabrielle and I'm an actress, singer, veggie-lover, and serious afro-grower! I've been vegan for about 8 years and in my time I've fallen in love with all things vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, organic, and all-natural!


Before I went vegan I was weighed down by pressure to count calories, restrict myself from food for multiple days, and constantly judge and belittle myself for not being as skinny or petite as my peers. Eventually this led to a self-hating mindset and a two year long eating disorder. Veganism and living a plant-based lifestyle SAVED me from my own personal darkness and now I’m the healthiest and the happiest I could ever shine!


One Great Vegan is a plant-based, meal prep & catering company helping you take the right steps towards a healthy, vegan lifestyle! After 6 years of being a tried and true vegan, I’ve gathered the best tips and recipes to make the most out of what Mother Nature has to offer. For some, eating a plant-based diet can be a challenge when transitioning for the first week or so.


The good news is you’ve already made the choice to give veganism a try so the hardest part is over, and I’ll be here with you as you embark on the colorful path of veganism. Take the journey of growth and green-goodies and see how you can get your glow on!