What is the VIRTUAL Food as Medicine Summit & EXPO?  The VIRTUAL Food as Medicine Summit & EXPO will be an event unlike no other.  Featuring over 40 experts in the fields of plant-based nutrition, health and disease, plant-based cooking, fitness, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, personal triumphs and environmental sustainability.  Plus, as an added feature, the VIRTUAL Food as Medicine Summit & EXPO will include a VIRTUAL EXPO where attendees can visit plant-based Exhibitor sites, view promotional videos, and explore and purchase products, resources and services.

When is the VIRTUAL Food as Medicine Summit & EXPO?  The VIRTUAL Food as Medicine Summit & EXPO will be held for 8 days beginning Saturday, August 22nd and ending on Saturday, August 29th. You will still be able to purchase access after the Summit is ended.


What is the line-up for Presenters?  The schedule is up on the website and can be accessed using this link:

Is registration open now?  Yes, registration is open now and can be accessed via using this link:

Is there a fee for registration?  Yes, there is a 24-Hour Access package which includes a $15 fee for the entire 8 days of presentations providing 24-hour viewing of each days presentations, cooking sessions, fitness, spa, meditation and yoga sessions including the VIRTUAL EXPO.  In addition, each registrant receives a collection of Bonus Gifts that have been provided by the Presenters and Exhibitors.  

There is also a VIP package for $82 that provides:

MORE TIME: One-year access pass to all lectures, interviews, cook-a-longs, get fit deals, meditation. VIPs-Only.

ACCESS TO ​LIVE Q&A: This is an opportunity to have your questions answered by many of the most popular experts. There will be two LIVE Q&As scheduled during the Summit.  VIPs-Only.

​​BONUS GIFTS: Special gifts from many of our presenters to further expand your experience around their expertise. ​​

​​Recipe's from Cook-A-Longs. VIPs-Only.


FREE 3 Month Membership to the Food as Medicine Summit TRIBE - which is a support program for all things plant-based that will take place after the Summit is completed.  Food as Medicine Summit Tribe members will have access to a Private FB Group page, monthly Live Q&A, Cooking Sessions, Guest Presenters, a support community and more. VIPs-Only.

Are the presentations LIVE?  We will have a couple of LIVE Q&A sessions – VIPs-Only but the remaining of the presentations will be pre-recorded.  PLEASE NOTE:  Many of the presentations will be first-time releases prepared specifically for this event.

What times are the presentations scheduled to be shown?  That is the beauty of having pre-recorded presentations – you can watch them at any time within each 24-hour period of their release.  Or you can watch them any time, and multiple times – with the purchase of the VIP package.

How will I have access to the presentations?  For the 24-Hour Access Package, on the first day of the Summit each registrant will receive an email with links for that days’ worth of presentations.  Those links will expire within 24 hours of their release.  You can watch them in any order and at your leisure during that time period.  The next day those links will expire and then you will receive a whole new set of links for that day’s presentations.  VIPs will receive a link for unlimited access to all presentations as they are released.

How do I get access to the LIVE Q&As?  When you purchase a VIP package you receive access to the LIVE Q&As at their designated times.  They are only LIVE for that period.  After that, they will be available on a recorded format for VIPs only.  You can submit questions ahead of time to be considered.  We will send you a link to submit your questions just prior to the Summit.  We will do our best to get them answered by the experts.  In the event that we run out of time, we will work with the experts to compose answers to the remaining questions within reason.


What is the Food as Medicine Summit Tribe?  This is a plant-based support group that will provide a community-like atmosphere for all VIP members following the Summit.  Featured will be regular cooking sessions, educational sessions, meal planning and recipe-sharing, Live Q&As, guest speakers and discounts to upcoming workshops, classes and events.  Each Tribe member will have access to the PRIVATE FB Food as Medicine Summit group page as well.  Each VIP gets 3 months of membership FREE.  Regular monthly fee is $15.99.


Why is there a FEE for the Summit? With any event of this magnitude it requires the time, talent, resources and commitment of dedicated individuals to make it happen. We appreciate all of the registrants who have purchased tickets to help support our mission.  Please know that if you are not fully satisfied, we have a 30-Day Money-back guarantee.


Can I get a refund for the Summit? Yes, if you are not satisfied with the Summit and all of the wonderful nuggets of information it provided, and it is within 30 days of the start of the Summit, we will issue you a full refund.

How do I get in touch with the folks at VIRTUAL FOOD AS MEDICINE SUMMIT & EXPO?  Email us at: