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Meet Katherine Lawrence Ireland, founder of food saved me.  Find out more by clicking on her site and video

Welcome to Food Saved Me!

I hope our classes and resources bless you on your cooking journey. At Food Saved Me, we love helping people find healthier ways to cook that are easy and delicious! This nutrition information, combined with cooking Saladmaster cookware, has truly saved my life! I hope to meet you in person soon at some of our classes!


-Katherine Lawrence-Ireland

bout Us

FOOD SAVED ME is a team on a mission! We are comprised of nutritionists and cooking coaches, all of whom are passionate about healthy eating and serving our community. We teach thousands of people every year how to eat better and prepare their food in a faster, easier, and healthier way.

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It all started in 1946 with the Saladmaster Food Processor.  While there have been many imitators, there is no replacement for the original.  It has won “Kitchen Appliance of the Year” for 3 years in a row.  


The Saladmaster Food Processor can be earned for free for hosting a Saladmaster Dinner Presentation with friends or family.


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Nutrition Classes

Check out our online nutrition and cooking classes. We have free and paid versions, both include recipe demonstrations, handouts and life changing nutrition facts!