Pat & Dianne Doyle

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Plant-Based Advocates

Pat & Dianne are enthusiastic advocates of living a Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) lifestyle, who focus on raising awareness of the benefits and teaching new followers how to easily prepare delicious meals.  They also believe in the importance of community support, and organize events such as WFPB Informational Meetings, food-prep demos, pot luck dinners, jar swaps and meet-ups.


An engineering graduate of Texas A&M, Dianne stepped away from her career to raise her five children, and she prided herself on serving her family home-cooked meals that she thought were "healthy." 


In 2011, Pat was diagnosed with prostate cancer; and in 2013 Dianne was diagnosed with breast cancer. 


During her post-surgery recovery, Dianne discovered and began to read about plant-based nutrition and was shocked to learn all of the connections between diet and cancer.  She and Pat decided to embark on a six-week "experiment" to test the validity of the claims made about eating foods in their most natural state (no red meat, dairy or processed foods.) 


After experiencing effortless weight loss, increased energy, and significant improvements in their cholesterol numbers and inflammation markers, they decided to remove the remaining animal products from their diet and make the change permanent.  They both regret not having this information before they underwent radical surgical procedures for their cancers.  They are spreading the plant-based message to friends and family in hopes of preventing unnecessary suffering caused by surgeries and the effects of chronic disease.


Dianne and Pat's children, now adults, are a big reason for their continuing enthusiasm about this lifestyle; and they take great pride in seeing their children and grandchildren eating plant-based and spreading the message among their peers.


Dianne has earned the certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through eCornell.   She is also an avid gardener and has turned her flower beds and most of her backyard into fruit and vegetable gardens.  As she says, "If we can't consume it, why waste our time and resources growing it?!"


Dianne and Pat are happy to make themselves available to anyone wanting to learn more about a WFPB lifestyle.  More information may be found in their Facebook group, website, Instagram page, FB Page and YouTube channel, all under the name Plant Based Dallas.