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CircleTerra is a purpose driven company dedicated to replacing single use plastic with plants for disposable take out containers and tableware. Their feature collections are made of rapidly renewable plants such as sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, coconut, paper and Palm Leaf fibers. 


Founded in 2016 by Kelly Joy Freeman, a retired IT/Telecom Global Program Manager for a Fortune 500 company, she always possessed a love for protecting and loving the Earth. Kelly once served as a PTA Environmental Chairperson, where she created recycling programs for elementary children.


As a mother and now a grandmother with her own organic backyard garden, she also serves as a community garden volunteer and is the newly appointed Farm Production Coordinator with Restorative Farms in Dallas, TX. She has made it her mission to help correct the damage done by this generation's use of single use plastics. Not only for her children and grandchildren's sake, but she also wants the world to be a better, cleaner and safer place for the present and coming generations. She set out to demonstrate that no matter the age, race or gender, anyone can make a positive difference, and this is exactly why she started CircleTerra

Starting the company with a single product, they now have over 50 eco-friendly take out and tableware items to choose from.  Today, CircleTerra ships product to over 13 states, Mexico, Canada & The Bahamas and is a supplier to restaurants, hospitals, theaters, caterers and various businesses. They also serve individuals and families who are environmentally conscious and committed to restoring the Earth's health.


With a deep passion for what they do, CircleTerra offers to guide each and every one of their clients through the transition from single use plastic wares to compostable and recyclable wares. In the future, CircleTerra will continue to expand their client base, provide education to consumers on the sustainability movement to use Plants Not Plastic and increase the CircleTerra Green Team. Most importantly, they plan on spreading their love for restoring our planet.


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