Richardson Civic Center

411 W Arapaho Rd Suite 102, Richardson, TX 75080

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April 24 - 25, 2020

Richardson Civic Center

Richardson, TX

Dr. Neal Barnard, MD

Hear from the experts (in person) and feel empowered​

Meet exhibitors and explore their healthy products and services 

Meet people who share your interest in health and nutrition, while enjoying a delicious plant-based lunch focused on health and taste.

Armed with resources, tools, knowledge, and a support group, you will kick diseases and ailments to the curb and increase your overalll health and wellness - all while having fun doing it!

About TS Wellness

TS Wellness, a health and wellness company, is proud to present Food As Medicine Summit & EXPO.  We are committed to offering a conference that provides evidence-based nutrition education in a fun, understandable and life-applicable way to the greater community with the ultimate goal of using food as medicine in the prevention and reduction of chronic disease.