New Year New You!

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Hear from the experts and feel empowered​!

Yoga Practice

Meet Your Energy Experts

Get Your Chef On!


You will have unlimited access to the Modules featuring Cooks and Chefs who will take you through easy to prepare, healthy and delicious recipes.  


Access the recipes ahead of time and cook along with us!


Guest Cooks include:


Ann & Jane Esselstyn 


Kimberly Pearce Campbell


Miyoko Schinner 


Del Sroufe


Katherine Lawrence Ireland


Dr. T


Brooke Ali


Anita Amit


Robin Everson


Leslie Harrison


Marc Ramirez


Annette Baker & Marianne Lacko


Dianne & Pat Doyle


Karoline Mueller


Tiffany Wilkerson 


About Wellness20

Wellness20, a health and wellness company, is proud to present the FREE Plant20 Kickstart and the Plant20 Kickstart ELEVATE program.  We are committed to offering an empowering programs that provides evidence-based nutrition education in a fun, understandable, and life-applicable way to the planet with the ultimate goals of using food as medicine in the prevention and reduction of chronic disease and global health wellness.

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